This extremely smooth cream texture, helps in whitening and moisturising. It works to anti-acne, anti-inflammation and anti-sensitive when apply.

Olive Oil

Can be used to hydrate and cleanse your skin, while also balancing your natural oil skin production, leaving you with radiant skin.

Bird Nest

Reinforce skin tight junction by forming important barrier (epithelial barrier) that protects from external organism, preventing excessive water loss.

Titanium Dioxide

Small molecules with 15nm particle size which help to penetrate deeper into skin layer thus give UVA/UVB protection


Providing outstanding gloss, slip,
lubricity & silky feel on skin. Helping products to glide across the skin. It also helps to fill in pores or fine lines


A skin-replenishing and restoring ingredient, helps to maintain a healthy look , defending against
dryness and working to maintain
skin’s moisture.

Sodium Hyaluronate

Helps in improves moisture, maintain skin resilience & reduce damage of skin. Potentially fight wrinkles and other signs of aging.


Skin Barrier is compromised

02. Loss moisture
03. Bacteria attack
04. Unhealthy cells


Skin Barrier is optimized

01. Sunscreen protection
02. Water retention
03. Anti-bacteria & dirt
04. Healthy & strong cells