Our Company vision

YW SECRET embodies trust and strive to achieve win-win situation for the team, to be the most successful and greatest competitor in the field! We work towards to become the standard of the industry and become the most respected women empowerment business in Malaysia.

Our Company mission

The goal and hope to help more women to be an entrepreneur have always been with YW SECRET since it was founded. We hope to encourage more women to explore and achieve their dreams. Through this, they can work harder towards their dream and achieve financial independence. Happiness should not be given by others it should be created by oneself; YW SECRET has to be your most trusted business partner!

Our Brand vision

‘Create quality products, lead to your wishful life’ is the maxim hold by LE PARADIS ‘ WEN’s every member. With the quality of the product and integrity of the team, we promised to provide the best and satisfactory experience to our consumer and also strive to become the best beauty product and business.

Our Brand mission

The mission of LE PARADIS ‘ WEN is to provide consumer the best and quality product. We do not compromise with the quality of the product, aim to be the trusted brand with highest dignity and work hard to bring simple and convenient skincare product to our consumer. We hope to bring LE PARADIS ‘ WEN’s consumers safe product, happiness and long-lasting youthful skin. Embrace beauty, confidence and glory.

Our Value

Professional  Quality  Innovation  Efficient  Charisma  Brand  Respect  Trust


YW SECRET & LE PARADIS ‘ WEN culture and core values:

■ To create innovative, quality and trustable product.

■ Provide the most professional consumer experience and training for the team.

■Build the confidence and charisma of every team member.

■Inspire every team member to express their potential and work towards the best win-win efficiency

■Respect within team, together we build the most respectable business brand in field.

Our Milestones

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Let the essence of ‘Beauty’ instill into the brand – a product that everyone believes

Every woman in the world including YW SECRET & LE PARADIS ‘ WEN’s founder, Yawen and the team believed that beauty lives in every person.

Enhancing beauty can be done by external surgery or comes from within. Ever since YW SECRET & LE PARADIS ‘ WEN was founded, the mission is to bring out the ‘Beauty’ of women.

The founder, Yawen once shared, “Having sensitive skin has always been part of my life hence explained my concern towards certain products and ingredients used. Ultimately, I have chosen to create LE PARADIS ‘ WEN to not only focus on beauty skincare products but also aiming to accommodate sensitive and repairing skin as the starting points for the product. Hoping to bring security, happiness and beauty to more women.

During the production, Yawen invested a lot of time and effort in researching different ingredients and personal experimentation. She hoped the product can heal skin problems; bring out the beauty and confidence as the essence into the product. A trusted, safe and premium product for every customer with different skin types.

Moreover, the brand is also focused on people who have busy lifestyle. It is aimed to be effortless and convenient for people to rest after long hours of work. The brand products are curated for convenience of new generation to replace bottles of skincare products.


We are committed to building
Exclusive Bai Fumei to your beautiful charm brand

Glamour.Self-confidence.Beautiful Perfect life