Are you out of work due to the COVID-19 pandemic? Having financial issues? Dreaming of starting your own business but low on capital? Here’s a chance for you to make EXTRA INCOME! YW Secret & Le Paradis ‘wen sincerely invites you to join our ‘Micro-Enterprise Development Training Program’, which can help you to significantly increase your monthly income!


#1: What Is Micro-Enterprise Development Training Program?

YW Secret & Le Paradis ‘wen offers a lucrative dropshipping program that everyone can join to earn a great commission and side income. What’s so great about our dropshipping program is you can earn some extra income without investing hundreds or thousands Ringgit Malaysia in inventory upfront – you don’t need to buy stock and keep stock!

0% Stock, 0% Risk!

You just need to make the sales and pass orders on to us! Only buy from us when a customer buys a product from you, and then pocket your commission.

  • NO capital
  • NO dead inventory to get stuck with
  • NO need to handle any products yourself, including packing and shipping
  • Make a great commission for each sale


#2: Who Should Join Micro-Enterprise Development Training Program?

✔ Students

✔ Office workers

✔ Freelancers

✔ Stay-at-home parents


#3: How Does Micro-Enterprise Development Training Program Work?

✔Step 1: Buy 1 box of Anti-Blu Aqua Repairing Ampoule Silk Mask (RM 238/1 box; Special offer 6 boxes or more – RM 204.67/1 box)

✔ Step 2: Use the mask by yourself

✔Step 3: Share with relatives and friends (using text/pictures /Video/Live) on FB/IG.

✔Step 4: Get a good commission


#4: How to earn UNLIMITED commission?

✔Get RM200 + extra commission if you sell 5 boxes

✔You can get RM3XXX + extra commission if you sell 49 boxes and ABOVE


#5: Why You Should Join Micro-Enterprise Development Training Program?

✔Less capital is required

✔Flexible time and location

✔Easy to get started

✔No need to keep stock

✔No minimum order – you can order just 1 item per transaction

✔No need to handle any products yourself – we will pack and ship the products to consumers

✔Create passive income easily

✔We provide guidance, training and marketing materials that you need to kickstart this beauty business


#6: Why Choose Le Paradis’ wen?

✔Well-known brand: Founded in 2014, we have received numerous awards and recognition.

✔High quality and safe products: All products are self-tested by our founder, Ong Ya Wen, before they are officially launched! Most consumers are completely satisfied with our products!

✔Strong, supportive teams: We provide assistance, training, and coaching to help you grow your business quickly. Let’s grow together!


Join our Micro-Enterprise Development Training Program and start your business right away!

Contact us today!