Chasing dreams

I was born and raised in a well-off family. There was a time we were affected by financial constraints and I had to start working to earn when I was young. It taught me to understand that I need to work hard to deserve what I wanted. I need to have a target to push myself forward.

I never had the thought of becoming an entrepreneur back in the days. I used to dream of becoming a dancer even though I was not a good dancer, but I had always wanted to achieve it. When I was 15 or 16 years old, I signed a contract with a dancing company. Criticism and bullying had been part of my live at there. Having to juggle both my studies and my dance, I was not in my best emotional state but because of my dream, I endured the torment.

The process of achieving my dancer’s dream started when I was 16 years old until 25 years old before I made up my mind to start my own business. There were highs and lows.

When I was pregnant with my eldest daughter, one of my friends approached me for an opportunity to be part of an online business and provided some materials for me to learn. Online business was not as advanced as now back in the days. I was nervous when I started it. Negativity creeped into my mind and a voice in my head told me I will not make it. However, I did not stop.

I was pregnant again when Le Paradis’Wen had just started. Unprepared at all for the situation and I turned out to be having twins. It was not easy to develop the products and deal with pregnancy stress at the same time. There was once I need to prepare the dance theme for the promotional video and everything did not turn out as what I had planned. It was dreadful and tired, but I knew I cannot stop, I need to keep moving on. No matter how difficult the process is, I need to keep moving on.

I experienced the pain and the gain from my dancing passion and creating YW SECRET and LE PARADIS’WEN. My feelings are the same; I chose the path that changed me and my life. There were a lot of people who were not supportive decided to talk behind my back and created unnecessary barriers. I need to be firm and determined to go through the journey, I need to be devoted to the things I wanted to do.

I have never thought of myself as a brave person but if there is something I wanted to have it, I will fight for it. Perhaps I might not be an outstanding as others in the process, but I make sure to do my best.

Looking back at the journey, I would like to give a piece of an advice based on my experience. The process of achieving dream, building up a business or working to your goal can be difficult and you might think of giving up, but you have to make the action because action speaks louder than voice. Rome is not built in a day, not everything can be learnt or absorbed in a day. The road to success needs hard work, accumulation and determination.

Dream is no longer a dream, as long you decide to start; I pay for my dream, so do you!

Ong Ya wen

Founder of YW Secret

2018 MIYE Top 100 most influential young entrepreneurs

Ong Ya Wen is the CEO of YW Secret Sdn Bhd. YW Secret is an e-commerce business founded in 2015. Through this business, Ya Wen continues to help, motivate and inspire other women to follow in her footsteps in becoming an independent women, while develoing self confidence in a competitive world.

About the brand

A lot of people raised their concerns about my choice to venture into this field as the market is highly competitive. My devotion to the business from the start has always been simple, it is bringing safe product to every consumer. Every person might have different skin condition and different needs for their skin. However, every single person thrived to have better skin.

I have sensitive skin and tried out a lot of different skincare products. Had severe allergies and consumed medication prescribed by skin specialist. Back in the days, whitehead will pop out on my face and sometimes skin peel, redness and rashes.

Every woman loves to be pretty. Looking at my skin condition at that time, I felt terrible and understood the importance of skincare product on my face. Before the launch of LE PARADIS’WEN products, I had invested a lot of my time and effort. I had also tested the products on my skin to ensure the composition and effectiveness are safe to be used.

The starting point of everything is naïve. The hope is to create trusted and premium products to bring security for every woman. We do not compromise to poor products for our consumers.

A lot of people might assumed online business is a place for buying and selling only but I hope YW SECRET and LE PARADIS‘WEN are not about “buying” and “selling” only for the consumers. I hope to help every single lady to be a beauty and be confident, just like the hidden message in every LE PARADIS ‘WEN products. At the same time, we hope YW SECRET can be the platform for every woman who seek entrepreneurial opportunity.

I am sincerely hoping those who have chosen YW SECRET and LE PARADIS’WEN can build up their charisma and confidence. Work hard towards their desire and determine their worth, building their own lives.